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Do You Know Princess Doe??? - The Princess Doe Website
Princess Doe was the name given to an
unidentified, female homicide victim
discovered in Blairstown, New Jersey on
July 15th, 1982. This web site has been
designed to provide factual information
about the case and a central point for
resources pertaining to the case. Please
help us find the identity of Princess Doe.

There will be a memorial service for
Princess Doe at noon on Saturday, July
15th 2017 for the 35th anniversary.
Please see the Memorial Info page for
additional news and details.

To request additional information on the
case or provide comments:

To submit tips related to the case
All communications can be handled

For technical issues relating to the site
Princess Doe composite - created
by the NCMEC

The Unidentified body of Princess Doe,
discovered on July 15, 1982 at the
Cedar Ridge Cemetery in Blairstown,
New Jersey (Warren County)
The shirt and skirt Princess
Doe was wearing
The necklace found on Princess Doe
Mannequin with the actual clothes that were
found on the body of Princess Doe
Princess Doe composite - created by
the NCMEC - 2012